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5 Baby Products We Use Everyday!

Ivy is already 11 months old, and now I finally find myself writing my first baby products post!  About time, right?!  Well, I guess I’m a little more of an expert now than I would have been if I wrote it straight away after having a baby.  Here are some of the best products we use daily!  I am not sponsored by any of these companies BUT I’d love to be!  We just honestly love these brands! Here are the 5 baby products we use everyday! (links are affiliate links)


#1. Seventh Generation Diapers 

I love everything Seventh Generation and have used their products in my home for years.  When Ivy was born we tried different brands like Honest Company (love their super cute designs) which worked great, however I have always used Seventh Generation and feel somewhat loyal to them.  (*Update: I read Jessica Alba’s book The Honest Life & now I’m using more Honest Company products! Haha… I guess her marketing skills worked!)  I like that they don’t use any chlorine bleach and that the fluff inside is sustainably-sourced.  When I first had Ivy I thought I would be a cloth-diapering granola mama and bought these.  I wish I had more patience for cloth diapering because I want to be as eco-friendly as possible, but it was hard for me to keep up with it.  I highly recommend going this way if you have the patience!  High-five to you!


Look at that cutie!

#2. Seventh Generation Wipes 

For the same reasons above, I love Seventh Generation products!

#3. Dr. Bronners Coconut Oil

Organic, non-gmo… so much to love!  Another product that I’ve used forever!  I use it to cook with, for eating, on my skin and hair, to take off makeup…. EVERYTHING!  Now, I also use it for my baby girl!  It can be used as lotion and also good for butt cream.  One stop shop… BAM!

#4. Ergobaby 360

Baby-wearing mama over here!  I love keeping Ivy close to me at all times… and she loves it too!  I have the happiest baby, in part because that’s just her personality, but also because I listen carefully to her needs.  I’m not the kind of parent that lets her baby “cry it out” I don’t freakin believe in that b.s.  I use this carrier everyday!  We use it for walks, and we also use it for getting things done around the house.  Happy baby, happy mama.  When Ivy was a tiny, fresh newbie we also loved the Boba Wrap.


#5. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

I am a huge fan of stones and the energies they carry.  I love rose quartz and amethyst (which also happens to be Ivy’s birth stone)!  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical when I heard about amber teething necklaces.  They’re mostly known for helping babies with teething, but also help with pain and discomfort in general.  I decided to give it a shot because I do not want to have to give Ivy medicine if I didn’t have to (which we do give her this natural product if her teething gets REALLY bad, right when a tooth is cutting through- don’t want her to suffer!).  After going through several teeth (She now has 6!) I am happy to report that IT WORKS! At least for my baby!  I have heard testimonials that every baby is different, but it works for Ivy!  They’re inexpensive and totally worth trying if you’re a natural mama like me.  Ivy wears hers EVERYDAY.


If I was a new mama I would totally make an Amazon Baby Registry!  Amazon has EVERYTHING and is super convenient! I’ve noticed their prices tend to be cheaper than Target and you can shop around for the price you’re willing to pay!  AWESOME!


Thanks for reading about our 5 baby products we use everyday!  I definitely added way more in there than just 5… but every mama needs options, right?!  Hope you found this post informative!  Let me know your thoughts, as well as your favorite baby products in the comments below!

Xo, Karla

Shop these products:

*(These are affiliate links meaning I make a small commission if purchased, at no extra cost to you!  This helps me and my family out so much!  Thank you!)


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