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SoCal Family Trip: part two

SoCal Family Trip

SoCal Family Trip- part two

We stopped at several beautiful beach towns along the way from Los Angeles to San Diego (& back). We stopped in Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Oceanside, Coronado, & Newport Beach. They were all so amazing in their own ways. Laguna Beach had such a beautiful landscape on the beach, with high cliffs and mossy green rocks. Oceanside had a cool surfer vibe. Newport Beach had a fun boardwalk and happened to catch the best sunset of our SoCal family trip there.

Our week in Southern California went by so fast, but it’s also good to be home. I love how traveling always make me appreciate home more! And Ivy’s happy to be back to her normal routine! We’re so lucky to have a chill baby. She handled her first flight & road trip around SoCal like a champ! Garrett and I thought her first steps were going to be at the beach, but no such luck! Every time we let go she just immediately sits down like “nope, no way, not ready!” Haha! I know it’ll be any day now!

Thanks for reading my post on our SoCal family trip! To read the first post about our trip to California click here. Where are your favorite places to travel with young kids?! I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below.

Xo, Karla

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