Mommy and Me Time in the Twin Cities

Mommy and me twin cities
Twin Cities girls (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) born and raised. We love our beautiful state! Spring gives me new life and makes me remember how happy I am to live here. I am so excited for road trips and camper trips.  Days on the lake with the pontoon and jet skis! Yes please! Last summer was so amazing, but I’m excited to be able to do more now that Ivy is one. Also now that she’s down to one nap a day instead of all day sleeping… kinda a game changer! I am so excited to have mommy and me time in the Twin Cities now with my baby girl, and get to show her how lucky we are to live here!

Representing in my TC (Twin Cities) Minnesota Twins baseball cap*. My fav go-to hat!

I just got both this sweater and these jeans from Nordstrom Rack. I love these ripped jeans* no matter how much my hubby makes fun of it. (“Why would you pay for them to ruin your jeans?”… men. Psh. He also didn’t tell me I had lipstick on my teeth in some of these pics… ha oops. #momlife) This sweater* (same style, different color) is super simple but has a different knit on the back and sleeves than on the front. Even though it’s a subtle difference, I love it! It’s classic and perfect for crazy mom life. Just throw it on, add a statement necklace or scarf, done!

Boots are from Target, bought them awhile back (buy similar ones here)!*

Similar pink/coral necklaces that I love here, here, and here!*

Xo, Karla

P.S. Ivy makes all photo shoots better! She is so dang cute! See another post with my darling baby girl!
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