Easter Best Mixed Prints

Easter best mixed prints

Happy Monday!  Wow, I can’t believe Easter is less than two weeks away!  I have a whole closet full of pastel vintage baby dresses to choose Ivy’s outfit from.  I was the fourth girl in my family, and I have the only girl on my side, so I scored big with all the adorable baby girl stuff that my mom saved!  Last year at this time Ivy was a fresh little newborn baby… ah time flies!  I’m excited to be able to take her Easter egg hunting this year!

We were playing out in the yard this past weekend and spotted the first flowers to bloom, these pretty little purple flowers.  I picked one to show Ivy and let her hold it.  Of course it didn’t take much time for it to get crumpled up, but that’s the whole learning process of it all!  I love getting to spend so much quality time with my daughter, getting to show her the world around us.  You can never get these moments back!  It’s the little things!

I’m still trying to decide on what I’ll be wearing for our Easter festivities!  I’ll probably decide on something and then change my mind last minute anyways! I’m loving all these Spring Picks!  Loving anything floral and off the shoulder right now too!  Easter doesn’t always mean wearing a dress though.  I really love this adorable white ruffle top!  Look at those sleeves!  Swoon!  So many choices!

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Karla

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