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Dreamy Baby Bubble Bath (+ Fav Products!)

Dreamy baby bubble bath

Hey all!  Wouldn’t it be lovely to bathe in a bubbly waters next to a tropical jungle?!  I mean, I want to!  Looks pretty dreamy to me!  Haha!  Ivy loved the change up in bath routine, and we’ll definitely be doing this again soon.  She has been so fascinated by running water lately… tries to catch it in her hands or grab it!  Aww it’s the cutest!  We share some good laughs at bath time!

We are currently loving Babyganics bubble bath and Shampoo.  Their foaming shampoo literally lasts forever!  We’ve been on this same bottle since Ivy was born… and I swear I bathe her!  After bath time we’ve been using this natural brand baby lotion on Ivy’s skin.  It’s so thick and creamy, I love this stuff so much I use it on myself sometimes too!  I like the fragrance free kind, and it’s also free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, harsh chemicals, hormone disruptors, and common allergens.  We still also use this coconut oil all the time for BASICALLY EVERYTHING!  Love it!

We’ve been using this baby tub in our bath tub from Target… but if I were to do it over again I would create an AMAZON BABY REGISTRY!  OMG! Amazon has EVERYTHING!  Check out these cute items you can register for (plus the products mentioned in this post):

And matching outfits!  Need I say more?!  I need to buy that ASAP… cuteness overload!

Thanks for reading!  Want more recommend baby products?!  Read the blog post on my 5 FAVORITE BABY PRODUCTS we use daily!

Xo, Karla
Click on pic below to make a registry*:


*affiliate links provided= I receive a small commission if you make a registry or buy a product at no extra cost to you!  And I ALWAYS only recommend items that I would like or use myself!


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