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Yellow Pastels + Fedora

Happy Easter weekend!  I hope everyone is spending amazing quality time with their families!  I love holidays so much.  I love decorating and dressing for the occasion.  I’m the kind of person that will really find any reason to celebrate though!  It’s a sunny day?!  Let’s celebrate!  Hubby got off work 2 minutes early?  Pop some champagne!  Haha… I once made Garrett a cake for having a bad day at work (and may have wrote something “silly” on it).  It’s the little things!

Today we are going Easter egg hunting at a kid’s event in our town.  I’m so excited to do all these things now that I’m a mom.  I get to share these new experiences with my daughter!  I hope she always takes joy in the little things.  Tomorrow we have family events all day and more Easter egg hunting!  Fun fun!

And… it’s also the first weekend of Coachella!  Happy ‘Chella!  I love outdoor music fests and listed some awesome festival gear here!  Make some arm parties (bracelet stacks) to wear and trade/give away!  So fun… share the love!

Xo, Karla

P.s. Can you tell I’m dealing with a wiggly 13 month old in these pics?! haha!  Ah she keeps my young 😉

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