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My Favorite Matching Shirts are ON SALE!

My favorite matching shirts are on sale right now!  We have the blue and white striped ones, but they also come in black and white:

Love them!

Check out more matching outfits here & more pics with this shirt here!

Xo, Karla

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Summer Time

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Hey Everyone!  June is just flying by… CRAZY!  This summer we’ve been really taking advantage of all the fun, free family events going on.  Being a mom to a toddler is so fun!  Ivy’s loving all the fun adventures we go on, whether it’s music in the park or going to the beach.  I swear, I got so lucky that she chose me to be her mommy!  Such a sweet and funny little girl.  And I love our funny “inside jokes” that only a mom and her child could understand… gahhh… besties for life!

Hope everyone’s been having an amazing summer!

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Xo, Karla

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Cutest Sunnies for Summer!

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Nautical Vibes

Nautical Vibes!  Feels like summer is finally here!

Would you look at how long my hair is?!  Ha… besides I just chopped it all off a couple days ago.  Stay tuned for pics!

Also, I started selling some clothes on the Poshmark, so if you have that app check it out!  My username is wanderedvintage.

That’s all for now!

Xo, Karla

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Matching Floral Headbands 

Matching floral headbandsimage3 (3)image4 (1)image5 (1)image1 (3)image6 (1)

Don’t mind me, just matching with my little darling once again.  In the cutest floral headbands ever!  I just love matching Ivy, and I’m going to keep doing it as long as she lets me.

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Here are more of my favorite matching outfits (I want them all!):

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And if you’re feeling extra cheesy you should definitely get this!  Haha!

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Green on Green on Green

Green on green on greenimage4image3 (2)image1 (2)image1 (1)image2 (2)image3 (1)

Everything’s bright and green around here, and apparently so am I. Taking some inspo from Mother Nature I guess! It’s been a very rainy week. Ready for more sunshine! But at least all the plants are in full bloom! I love it!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a magical weekend. I have a few projects I’m working on, and I’m excited to keep them rolling this weekend. TGIF!

Xo, Karla

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